Expressions of Interest are being accepted concerning these projects: 

o    Mobile Launch Complex (various subsystems; launch/recovery operations) 

o    Space Launch RDT&E (not yet taking EOIs) 

o    Ocean Launch Project 

o    SuperSat Project 

o    eBoostr Project 

o    ioSat Project 

o    Space Assets BlockChain Project 

o    Space Reg Comp Tracking AI/ML Project 

o    HAL Project 

o    Jetson Mk Flying Car Project 

o    Orbital Sat Servicing Framework Project 


ASL/AETRIEM Labs ongoing projects require individuals studying in these disciplines: 

·         Software Engineering ML/AI/Blockchain/DataAnalytics/AR/VR 

·         Systems Engineering & Design 

·         Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics 

·         Electronical/Electronics Engineering 

·         Hydraulic Engineering  

·         Astronautical Engineering 

·         Materials Engineering 

·         Environmental Science & Natural Resource Protection 

·         Program/Project Management 

·         Business Management/Business Administration 

·         Business Communications/Media Management/Marketing 

·         Business/Space/Environmental Law 


Expressions of Interest may lead to active participation in projects, identified roles that lead to full employment, shared ownership of IP and executive leadership in spin-off companies commercialising project outcomes for the global market.