Smart Space Launch

Bringing Launch2U

How We Started

From Disruptive Technology Project to Launch Operations Services Provider 

In early 2017, Australia Space Launch was formed to accelerate the planning for and development of a sovereign commercial space launch capability for Australia.  ASL was created by AETRIEM Labs, a Canberra-based disruptive technology company founded in early 2015.  AETRIEM Labs conducts research, develops approaches and tests solutions for disruptive technology adoption by business and government.  


In May 2016 “Project ALF” (Australia Launch Facilities) was initiated to examine market disruptions in the Space Industry.  A research team was formed to analyse space technology and market direction, and to assess space industry gaps that could be exploited by disrupters.  Given technology changes and governments opening space to private and commercial ventures, the Project ALF team identified significant capability gaps in the Space Industry's ability to respond to a growing demand for space launch.  Further analysis highlighted Launch Facility Operations and Assurance Services as the key enduring opportunity facing a disrupted space industry. 


"Project ALF" officially became Australia Space Launch Pty Ltd  (ABN 17 619 513 352) in June 2017 breaking away from AETRIEM Labs to focus efforts on the designing, building and operating of a new concept Spaceport.  ASL uses proven space technologies and converging information technologies to streamline operations, remove man-in-the-middle risks, assure range-safing, and create a truly "Always Go4Launch" environment.


What We've Done

Creating Commercial Launch Operations and Assurance Capabilities for Australia

Having identified space launch operations as a high demand niche market for the disruptive New Space Economy, ASL went to work identifying the best launch site locations in Australia from a 10-point selection criteria framework. Starting from an initial list of over 30 potential sites, ASL narrowed the list to 4 possible homes for a future ASL Launch Facility—3 in Queensland and 2 in Western Australia.  The final list identified 2 Queensland and 1 Western Australia site.


At the same time, ASL started moving from conceptual designs to capability models and design specifications, to develop material it would use to engage Australian federal, state and local governments, and the Australian investment community. With little movement coming from either, and with new launch complex licensing regulations being developed by the Australian Space Agency, ASL decided to leap past the actual launch site, and focus on building and testing launch operations capability—hardware and software—as the ASL Mobile Launch Complex (MLC).


MLC was rolled out for its first shake-out test in April 2019.  That rollout proved the mobility of the launch complex as a self-contained technology solution delivered to remote locations. MLC subsystems have been upgraded twice with enhancements to data processing and communications power.  MLC successful tests to TRL5 and new enhancements to system integrations will help ASL meet TRL8 in 2020 as a space launch operations support platform for suborbital missions, and a testbed for future orbital space launches.  


Where We're Going

Broadening ASL Involvement across the Space sector 

Up to very recently ASL had focused principally on Space Launch Technologies and providing Space Launch Operation Services.  In August of 2019, supported by its sister disruptive research company, AETRIEM Labs, ASL shifted from its narrow focus to a broad view of Space industry opportunities.  Since early research is conducted by AETRIEM Labs, ASL can choose to look for commercialisation and innovation opportunities that exist among and in part because of off-the-shelf technology capabilities that have yet to be tapped for potential space industry use.  ASL will not cease being a Space Launch Operations Managed Service Provider.  ASL has become a Space Technology Company that will move swiftly to capitalise on New Space opportunities.  


Want To Help?



Opportunities for Uni students to engage, contribute, share, drive and own ASL outcomes, intellectual property and earned capital in ASL and/or spin-off companies. 



Opportunities for other Space companies to partner, collaborate and share ASL advancements and commercial success. 



Opportunities for Global investors to share in the growing Australian Space Industry by investing time, resources and expertise while helping ASL leapfrog into New Space.